Construction Management

Construction Management Services

Proctor Construction has been offering construction-management-at-risk (CMAR) services since 1994. Regardless of the client’s construction management needs, Proctor Construction is your ideal partner.

Proctor Construction has adopted principles that guide the company as it continues to be a best-in-class construction management platform. 

Experience & Knowledge

Our clients rely on our team’s knowledge and experience. Our construction management programs use proven strategies to ensure on-time delivery and cost-effective performance. Proctor Construction is a best-in-class diversified general contractor who prides itself on project execution. 

Delivering Quality, Safely

Proctor Construction maintains our safety record through a meticulously developed safety management and quality control plan. We recognize that job-site safety, strict quality control, regular progress reports  and outstanding communication are all critical to the success of any construction project.

Our team loves the challenge on any project, and we relish the peace of mind that we are able to give our clients as their construction manager.

Innovation & Skill

At Proctor Construction, we believe the diversity of our project portfolio demonstrates our unique ability to assemble and oversee our experienced construction teams. We have been successful managing building projects from public and private, K-12 higher education learning, senior living, clubhouses, multifamily, health facilities and beyond.