Preconstruction Services

Proctor Construction is an expert provider of preconstruction services for construction and renovation projects throughout Florida. Our team is proud to set the tone for building projects of all sizes and scopes, using our outstanding approach and methodology. We strive to get involved as early as possible in the process to lend our practical constructability expertise, promote collaboration, and ensure all project designs and plans are as effective as possible.

Proactive, Not Reactive

At Proctor Construction, we understand the value of being proactive rather than reactive, so we work hard during preconstruction to identify potential challenges. Our guiding principles promote mutual respect and collaboration.

Our Outstanding Team

In the past forty years, Proctor Construction has been successful because we recognize that our people are our greatest asset. As a stable and thriving company, Proctor Construction prioritizes  being efficient and profitable in our operations by defining, evaluating, and communicating our operational goals, proactively identifying and solving problems, and utilizing our resources wisely.

Planning for the Real World

We are eager to use our real-world construction knowledge during the preconstruction phase to help drive planning efforts toward constructability. Our goal is to make sure the architect’s drawings are as close to reality as possible, helping control costs and schedule. By designing and planning for the real world, we help promote favorable outcomes in construction projects of all scopes and sizes.